Hasbro Monopoly Voice Banking Game

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Monopoly Voice Banking Electronic Family Board Game

The Monopoly Voice Banking game features lights and sounds, and comes with an interactive Mr. Monopoly banking unit. The iconic Monopoly top hat is voice-activated and the personality of Mr. Monopoly really shines as he handles all of the transactions. He keeps tabs on players' money and Properties so there's no cash or cards to think about. Talk to Mr. Monopoly and he responds to certain commands. Press your token's button and say, "Buy." Wait for the ping, and then say the name of the property you want to buy. Mr. Monopoly will track the transaction, keeping the game moving. With the Monopoly Voice Banking game, players travel around the board aiming to be the person with the most money and highest property value to win!


Interactive Game Unit

Get ready for an awesome interactive experience with the electronic Monopoly Voice Banking game. Mr. Monopoly is the Banker and manages each player's money via his iconic top hat that is voice-activated. The personality of Mr. Monopoly comes through as he handles each player's transactions.

Make Transactions Through Mr. Monopoly

With this edition of the Monopoly game, there are no cash or cards to think about. Mr. Monopoly will perform and track each transaction. Speak into the top hat and state the desired transaction such as paying rent, buying property, receiving money, and checking a balance. He'll even help players with Property Auctions.

Quick Gameplay

Put up buildings quickly -- and even skip the Houses and go right for Hotels! If a player lands on a forced Trade space they can choose one of their undeveloped properties and immediately trade it for another. Players can get houses and hotels up more quickly than in most other Monopoly games. The game ends when one player goes bankrupt. Then the player with the most money and highest property value wins.

A Favorite Game for Generations

The thrill of bankrupting an opponent, experiencing the ups and downs of collecting Properties, and making deals is just a few of the reasons that the Monopoly game has been a favorite for generations. With this interactive edition of the Monopoly game, players choose to move around the board as T-Rex, Scottie, Hazel, or Racecar, and roll, buy, sell, dream and scheme to win.

Age Suitability: 8+

Includes: 1x Hasbro Monopoly Voice Banking Game

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