Baby Annabel Learns To Swim Pink Doll

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Because Baby Annabel loves water, she goes to an hour of swimming today. As soon as this little Mermaid touches the water, she's gone!

At her swimming hour, her mother first keeps her upright so she just soaks her feet. But then Baby Annabel starts to jump enthusiastically and move his arms and legs.

  • When her mother puts her on the water surface and holds her back, she will float on the water. Baby Annabel likes it and all the time lovingly babbles.
  • Baby Annabel allows a realistic and imaginative mother game and promotes the development of responsibility and empathy.
  • It works on batteries.
  • Baby Annabel Learns to Swim: swimsuits and inflatable wings are included.

Product Details

    When this beautiful Baby Annabelle doll gets in contact with water, she starts to wiggle her legs and pats the water with her hands while giggling happily.

    • She can float on her back.
    • She is learning to swim.

    Suitable for Children aged 3+