Baby Annabel Doll 43cm

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Type: Dolls


The new Baby Annabel Interactive Doll With 8 Functions

The doll teaches caring, tenderness and caring. It develops feelings for a child that a little girl is just getting to know. A playmate.

  • While drinking and sucking, the teat moves the hook. 
  • It's hard to find a little lady's room without a single doll.
  • Doll Height 43cm


Product Details

A wonderful adventure with Baby Annabell.

  • Baby Annabell is an adorable function doll that looks and reacts like a real baby. 
  • Baby Annabell is dressed in pink velvet rompers with a sheep motif. 
  • She has a cap on his head. 
  • The doll makes very realistic sounds and behaves like a baby in need of care and tenderness. The doll is happy and content, chattering and giggling happily. 
  • She likes when a girl feeds her from a bottle, gives her a pacifier or sings songs.

Feed your little one.

  • When Annabell drinks from a bottle or sucks on a pacifier, her mouth moves. When she has a stomach ache after eating, she begins to cry real tears. To relieve her suffering, it is enough to hug her and pat her on the back, then the doll will bounce back and she will be cheerful and happy again.

Good night!

  • When Baby Annabell is lying down, she will feel sleepy and begin to yawn. To help her fall asleep, you can gently stroke her forehead, sing her a song or a lullaby, or simply rock her in your arms, and the happy woman will quickly close her eyes and fall asleep.


Suitable for Children aged 3+