Barbie Camping Doll Assortment

by Barbie
Type: Dolls


Kids can create all sorts of exciting camping adventures with this Barbie camping playset, inspired by the Barbie series It Takes Two!

  • Set off on your camping adventure with Skipper and Stacie dolls. Each set includes a Skipper or Stacie doll in a comfortable outfit, as well as a cute pet and accessories that add to the realism of camping fun. 
  • The Skipper doll and her bunny are preparing a dinner over the fire, while the Stacie doll and the puppy dog ​​can explore the area, equipped with a small tent and a dog carrier.

Additional accessories expand the play possibilities, and each set includes a sticker sheet that allows you to personalize the elements.

With this Barbie It Takes Two doll and set, kids can create so many camping stories. 

            Suitable for children aged 3+