Barbie Dreamtopia Dress Up Set

by Barbie
Type: Dolls



This Barbie Dreamtopia doll and fashion gift set lets young imaginations take Barbie doll on so many fairy tale adventures, from land to sea to clouds. Set comes with Barbie doll and three different fantasy outfits - dress her up as a mermaid, a fairy, a princess or any combination of the three. Transform the doll's look in an instant with a change in clothing or accessory. Each piece features bright colours and fantastical details, like butterfly print and gemstone accents. Barbie doll has three snap-on bodices, a long princess skirt, fairy skirt, a mermaid tail, a tiara and a pair of translucent wings with a touch of colour. Simply slide the tail over Barbie doll's legs to dive into mermaid fun or clip the wings on to Barbie doll's back to let fairy stories take off. Create a classic fairy tale look or mix and match to tell your own story.