Bloopies Mermaid - Sweety

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Type: Baby Dolls


SWEETY Bloopies, kids’ best bath time friends, are now 5 magic MERMAIDS!

  • They come in a new mermaid design, in shiny pearl colours, with a decorated mermaid tail and a beautiful tiara.
  • They all have a soft plastic body so you can squeeze their bellies to make them squirt water through their mouth and blow bubbles!
  • The detail on their tails change colour in hot water and go back to the original colour in cold water!
  • Each doll comes with a small sea friend who squirts water too.

The Bloopies doll and snail can blow water and bubbles out of their heads, with a small hole in their mouth when you press them. The doll is perfect for the bath or beach, but can also be played with outside the bath. 

            Suitable for Children aged: 18months