Clementoni My Robot Science and Game Robot



For technology lovers comes Mio Robot next generation, an interactive robot that executes commands!

With many electronic components and a free APP, Mio Robot will allow you to discover the world of robotics and electronics in a fun way. The child can have fun assembling and programming it thanks to the 5 game modes (3 offline and 2 via App).

So many fun activities await him!

The rich illustrated manual will guide you step by step through assembly and programming.

This game, inspired by the STEM methodology (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), helps to develop dexterity, ingenuity and creativity.

  • A unique and original assemblable robot, with lots of fun game modes!
  • Thanks to the two infrared sensors, my new robot can avoid obstacles and can follow your hand like a real hound.
  • Using the microphone, you can control it simply by clapping your hands, while with the control panel on its back you can program its path
  • The free app has two game id sections: coding, to learn the principles of block programming and real time, to manage movements, sounds and light effects, as if you were using a real remote control
  • Finally, the marker holder and the magnet holder will allow you to draw it or program it to look for small coins and paper clips!

Suitable for Children aged: 8+