Heroes of Goojitzu Dino x-ray Assortment



Goo Jit Zu's heroes have become enthralled in the fight in the new Dino X-Ray series!

They got intruded and are ready for a bone-destroying action with the other super squishy and elastic prehistoric heroes! Goo Jit Zu now has a new stuffing. Now it's Super Stretchy! But this guy isn't just rough on the outside, he's "Bad to de Bone"!

  • Crush his body and see his bones through his stretched skin!
  • Squeeze him and see his body full of carbohydrates moving and stretching.
  • This toy action figure stretches up to three times its size and is more durable if ever!
  • Stretch and crush your hero Goo Jit Zu and he will always return to his original form.
  • Each action figure Goo Jit Zu Dino X-Ray has a unique Goo stuffing!

Check out all the different unique fillings of the Dino X-Ray figures.

  • These are: Blazagon, Thrash, Tyro, Tritops, Shredz, Terrack, Mastoddon.

Goo Jit Zu Dino X-Ray heroes are a sticky way for kids to play with action figures that don't make a mess.

  • Squeeze, squeeze, stretch and squeeze it all!
  • It's time to shake some bones!

                 Suitable for Children aged 4+

                A random assortment will be sent