Little Live Pets Lil' Bird Series 12 Bird & House - Princess Polly

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Product Description

Little Live Pets Lil' Bird Series 12 Bird & House - Princess Polly

This sweet, fashion-inspired bird in its birdhouse is ready to play as it records and repeats what you say!

These birds stand out with fashion-inspired wings and stunning eyelashes!

  • Pet your little bird and watch it turn its head.
  • With 20 cute bird sounds, the more you pet your friend the more it will respond!
  • There are 2 styles to collect, Princess Polly and Pretty Posh and the bird houses even connect together!
  • Makes a wonderful toy for little hands! The perfect gift for any child who dreams of having their own pet bird!

Talkback: Your Bird loves repeating what you say!

  • Press and hold the Talk Button on your Bird’s chest, then say your message (up to 10 seconds long).
  • Your Bird will repeat your message back to you and its head and beak will move!
  • Playback: To hear your Bird repeat your message, press the Talk Button quickly. Your Bird will remember the phrase until you record a new one!
  • Petting: Your Bird loves to be petted! Gently stroke your Bird’s back and it will tweet and turn its head for you. Continue petting and your Bird will get happier, chirping and tweeting, and then eventually whistles a tune!
  • Sleeping: When you leave your Bird alone, it will occasionally, chirp, tweet and sing for your attention. If you’re lucky, it may even repeat a phrase you said earlier! After a few minutes, your Bird will fall asleep. You can wake it up at any time by pressing the Talk Button on its chest … then start playing all over again!

         Suitable for Children aged 5+