Polly Pocket Polly Playhouse

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Polly adventures around the world but sometimes they best way to spend the day is at home - and the Polly Pocket House is the perfect place for Polly doll to call home!

  • Sitting in the outside swing, Polly doll can enjoy some quiet time or wave friends to come over.
  • Polly doll is included; other dolls are sold separately. Bright and colourful - just like Polly Pocket - this house has two floors connected by a colourful swinging step staircase.
  • Enter through the yellow door into the kitchen and dining space.
  • Polly doll and a friend can grab a snack from the fridge and sit at the table to eat.
  • Upstairs, Polly doll can take a bath in the bright pink tub - mind the bubble details on the edge - and dream of tomorrow's adventures snuggled with her kitten in bed.
  • Includes:
    • house with removable swing,
    • Polly Pocket doll,
    • kitten,
    • bed,
    • bathtub,
    • table,
    • two chairs
    • snack.

    Suitable for Children aged 4+

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