Disney Princess Classic Doll Assortment

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The most recognisable Disney villains of all time!

Here is the dark witch Ursula from "The Little Mermaid" and the terrifyingly beautiful Evil Queen from "Snow White" who reigns in the sea depths.

A new character in the assortment is the mysterious Beast, the protagonist of "Beauty and the Beast". 

All characters have characteristic costumes, "bad" accessories and are recreated with attention to the smallest detail. 

Dolls do not stand alone. Subject to availability. Sold separately.

Ursula is one of the evil witches from Disney's favourite story The Little Mermaid.

  • She is a sea witch, which is evident from the adaptation of her purple body with eight tentacles. You wave the underwater world with your evil intentions, at the same time guarding the necklace with the shell, where the beautiful voice of Ariel is locked.

Here is the evil Queen, snow white's evil Queen

  • Refined version completely faithful in detail to the version found in the classic Disney movie.
  • The richness of details in the dress and accessory guarantees each doll stunning and sophisticated aesthetics.

The most irresistible creature of all time is now available from the Disney Classic Beauty and The Beast!

  • The Beast captivates in an iconic formal royal blue and gold coat, stretched over his tail, "fur" and massive claws!
  • He also comes with his enchanted mirror. Play out favourite movie scenes and celebrate the exciting, magical moment when he goes from terrorising to tame, and enchants Belle with dance.

                Suitable for Children aged 3+