Fisher-Price Take-n-Play Thomas and Friends - Stepney Engine

Type: Vehicles


Take n Play Stepney Engine.
Take n Play Stepney is an honest, kind & hard-working tank engine, saved from the scrap yards by Rusty, Take n Play Stepney is enthusiastic & eager to please, he listens to advice all the time & always learns a lesson.
  • In 1963, Stepney came on loan to Sodor and worked briefly at Tidmouth before working on Thomas' branch-line.
  • On his last day at Tidmouth Stepney double-headed the Express with Duck after the Diesel failed. Stepney loves to work on the branch-line.
  • Take n Play Stepney is named after a district in London, is based on a real engine of the same name, a 0-6-0T tank locomotive.
  • The Fisher-Price Take-n-Play Thomas & Friends Railway by Mattel, is a portable diecast toy train range that enables children to creatively and imaginatively play with their favourite characters from the very popular Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends TV series. 
Bringing the much loved stories of Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends to life.
  • Benefits of the Take-n-Play Thomas & Friends portable railway are: motor skills, colour identification, counting, hand to eye coordination, vocabulary & language skills, self-directed play, construction skills, social interaction skills, emotional awareness, planning skills & maths skills. smart magnet connectors also make it very easy to connect engines with their tenders, trucks and carriages.
  • This Fisher-price Take n Play Thomas and Friends Pre-school toy train range is also very collectable and includes die-cast model railway toys that kids cherish and play with for many years.
  • Take n Play Thomas by Fisher Price is compatible with the Take Along range, it looks and works the same, and there is even some new characters, so you can keep on building and collecting this fantastic Take-n-Play Thomas & Friends portable railway system.

Suitable for children aged 3+