Frank Alphabet Tree

by Frank


Frank alphabet tree is an educational game that combines activity and learning to make teaching alphabets an interesting and fun-filled experience.

The alphabet tree puzzle has pieces featuring all the alphabets. Children have to arrange and fix the alphabet pieces in the correct order.

As the children put the alphabets in the correct order they keep making the tree taller. Children are more likely to understand and remember concepts through activity-based learning.

      Product Features

      • These innovative alphabet puzzle games make children think and concentrate. It is therefore not just learning the alphabet but learning for life. Your child will develop good spatial reasoning skills at a young age.
      • This educational puzzle for toddlers also helps them improve their motor skills as they attempt to fit each piece into the other. Children can work in a team or alone to complete the activity. You can also bond with your child as you help him or her solve this jigsaw puzzle.
      • Besides, this puzzle will also enhance the memory skills of your little one.

        Suitable for Children aged 1+