Frank Growing UP

by Frank


This Frank Growing Up Puzzle is designed to help little ones stay put and have fun while learning.

  • Keeping minds engaged in a productive way, the educational puzzle features knowledgeable science concepts to keep children occupied for a long-time span.
  • It is made to boost early learning skills through personal learning experiences at home, classrooms and other activity classes.
  • The puzzle sets can help boost early learning skills such as sorting, concentration, teamwork, and visual abilities.
  • The fun learning activity jigsaw set is tested by real educators and is recommended to help enhance motor skills and hand-eye coordination of early learners.

Product Features

  • Designed in sets of 5 pieces, these jigsaws are self-correcting, fitting only their right piece. The puzzle makes the children understand the different stages of growth in living beings. The children have to match and fix the pieces with the correct living object, which is at the centreThey have fun finding the perfectly-fitting piece—learning how to observe and try again.
  • The 5-piece puzzle intrigues children and enhances their knowledge, logical skills, visual skills and problem-solving abilities. The jigsaw set makes children grasp each piece, turn & test its fit—laying the foundation for analytical thinking needed in higher grades.

      Suitable for Children aged 4+