Hasbro Connect 4 travel Grab and Go

Type: Card Games


Connect 4 is the most famous vertical strategy game in the world. With practical token-saving grid.

Compact pocket size and storage space integrated into the grit section of the game for convenient travel

  • Always carry it with you! The fun follows you everywhere! Challenge your friends in the most famous vertical strategy game in the world even in a practical travel version, to always carry with you without losing a single piece! Yellow or red?
  • Choose your colour and drop one token at a time into the grid trying to form an unbroken row of four tokens of the same colour.
  • Whether it's vertical, horizontal or diagonal, it doesn't matter.

Whoever succeeds first, wins! Facts… in four: token after token, game after game, a simple and immediate game that never ceases to amaze and amuse.

    For 2 players

    Suitable for children aged: 6+