Hot Wheels HYPER Boost Tyre Shop



Replacement of tires at supersonic speed with a set of Hot Wheels city "tire shop"! An interactive set with a motor is ideal for playing with several machines, fuelling the imagination, and inspire the writing of stories while simultaneously stimulating the development of motor skills.

Children guide their Hot Wheels in scale 1:64 to the tire pressure check point and then follow the track to the accelerator installation.

Young racers need to try to avoid the rotating tire and rise higher and higher, on the top of the store! Game set Hot Wheels will give a lot of bright emotions!


  • The amazing game set Hot Wheels is equipped with a tire pressure gauge and a route that leads the machines to the accelerator installation!
  • Children learn to overcome the obstacle in the form of a rotating wheel to pass on the game track from below up and back
  • On the first floor there is a garage, a filling station and a oil change point to prepare for participation in the next race
  • The set is compatible with other hot wheels City game sets (sold separately)
  • Games with a set develop logic, imagination and fine motor skills, grafting interest in mechanics and stimulate motor activity

        Suitable for children aged: 3+