Intex Universal Thermal Cover For Above Ground Rectangular Pools 488x244cm 29029

by Intex


This thermal cover helps to raise the water temperature during the day, prevents the dispersion of heat during the night and avoids the deposit of leaves and insects on the bottom of the pool. The special structure and material of this cover retains solar rays and converts them into heat. Usually 90% of the heat of the water is dispersed through the surface of the water itself.

This cover floats on the water level and its size is 476x234 cm. It is smaller than the pool, since it is not a classic cover protecting the pool only from leaves and insects, but also raises and maintains the water temperature warm, that is why water must come in contact with it.

On the upper part of this thermal cover there are holes for safety reasons. 

Technical Characteristics:

  • PVC thermal cover
  • 160 Micron/150 gr per square meter
  • Carry bag