L.O.L. Surprise! OMG Dance Doll B-Gurl

Type: Dolls


This time we have a series of LOL OMG ''Dance Dance Dance'' dolls in which their characters have dance as their theme. 

The dolls come in boxes that look like old television and each of them is assigned a television channel. 

  • The unboxing makes all the difference as the doll can be seen in different dance poses by pulling an eyelash. It is also remarkable that the box serves as a stage for the dolls and these dolls react to black light.
  • Each of them measures about 25 cm and include their own black light flashlight among their accessories. Each doll has her own dance step guide included in the package.
  • Each doll includes 15 exclusive surprises that you will discover by opening her box!

It is recommended not to wet the hair of the dolls.

        Suitable for children aged: 4+

        This item cannot be discounted