Lisciani Montessori Tactile Numbers



The game of Tactile Numbers is based on the Method of Maria Montessori, the famous pedagogist

  • To start playing you need to build the tactile box using all the elements.
  • Each child will choose one or more folders, depending on the number of players, whose silhouettes will be placed inside the box.
  • By inserting the hand inside the appropriate hole, the child will look for the shapes in the box using the touch.
  • If the child draws the number corresponding to his card, he will earn it and place the silhouette in the corresponding tab.
  • This game is in line with the Montessori method because it stimulates the exercise of tactile memory. According to the Pedagogist, material handling is a concrete experience that makes learning more effective.

With this rich and cheerful game, you can also play with many everyday items.

Product Features

  • With the special touch box you recognize in numbers using just the touch and learn to count with the quantity tokens
  • Your child will have fun looking for all shapes, memorizing numbers thanks to the tactile experience.
  • Develops tactile memory, autonomy, concentration, logic, fine dexterity and hand-eye coordination

Product Includes

  • numbers,
  • contoured numbers,
  • quantity tokens,
  • touch box and
  • instructions

      Suitable for children aged 3+