Ninco Droid Robot Nbots

by Ninco


Multi directional robot with head movement and facial expressions. 

It is an interactive and programmable robot


  • The robot is very friendly with children, allowing programmed, interactive and multidirectional movements of the body and head. 
  • The remote control can direct the robot to move, make sounds, make lights or show different facial expressions using the green led eye light.
  • The robot has a backpack that fits behind it, which is once filled with water in a row indicated by pressing the remote control, which makes sounds and lights.

Product Details:

  • Transform water into energy.
  • Flexible arms. With sound.
  • Led light in eyes with different expressions. 
  • 3.7V lithium battery
  • Includes USB charger
  • Battery (V) (mA): 3.7V
  • Measurements (mm) length x height x width: 400x250x110 mm

Suitable for Children aged: 6+