Peg Perego Children's 12V Vespa Motorbike with Case



A miniature version of a real Vespa, approved by Piaggio & C. S.p.A.

An electric motorbike with a 12V/4,5Ah/100Wh rechargeable battery for Vespa fans and everyone who loves Vespa's iconic design.

The Peg Perego Vespa faithfully reproduces every little detail of the legendary Vespa scooter, in a unisex colour with brilliant chrome trim.


    • Working Horn,
    • Rubber Tread Wheels,
    • Removable Rear Tour-Pack/Back Rest,
    • Removable Stabilisers,
    • Kickstand,
    • Storage Compartment and
    • adjustable rearview mirrors
    • Twist grip accelerator handle,
    • 1 Forward Speed (Approx 3 mph),
    • 1 Driving Wheel,
    • 12 Volt - 105 Watt Motors Great perfomance, even on hills and uneven terrain,
    • Slope Capacity 10% Maximum
    • Transport Weight 30Kg

          Suitable for children aged 3+