Playmobil Burnham Raiders Fire Ship

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Type: Playmobil
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With the agile lightship the Burnham Raiders are also well equipped for attacks on water. With the swivelling cannons and the versatile bow sickle, which can be used as ram protection or grappling hook, the Raiders can decide for themselves whether to attack or defend.

The quest for the magical armour Invincibus continues. But the adventure does not only take place on the mainland. Even on the water the Burnham Raiders are a burning threat with their multi-functional fire ship.
If an enemy approaches, the cannons are brought into position at lightning speed. As soon as the ship gets close enough, the Raiders extend their prow and use it as a grappling hook. Hot-headed Bayron Burnham is in charge aboard the ship. Right now, the pyromaniac warlord is studying the magical compass to learn the coordinates of the Invincibus.
The sickle on the bow of the ship can be used either as a ram guard or as a grappling hook. The ship can be upgraded with an underwater motor
Will the compass lead the Burnham Raiders to its destination?

Product Includes:

  • 2 Burnham Raiders
  • 1 fire ship,
  • 1 fire cauldron,
  • 1 rotating ball,
  • 1 flag,
  • 1 shield,
  • 4 fire arrows,
  • 1 torch,
  • 1 sword,
  • 1 dagger,
  • 1 spear,
  • 1 barb with string,
  • 1 telescope,
  • 1 handle,
  • 1 hat,
  • 1 helmet,
  • 2 pairs of arm cuffs,
  • 1 cape
Suitable for Children aged 4+ 

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