Playmobil City Action Special Operations Police Robot

Type: Playmobil


For particularly dangerous special operations the police use their practical police robot. A malicious bank robber tries to blast his way into the bank with explosives. But the policeman undaunted climbs into the robot's cockpit and directly goes into the danger zone.

  • Cleverly he steers the robot towards the bad guy and quickly uses his gripping arm to take the explosive device out of his hand.
  • Then the fire devil is grabbed by the leg and transported to the nearest police station. 
  • In dangerous situations, the police robot is used.
  • The robot can be transformed, and it can grip accessories and figures.
  • Dimensions standing: Approx. 13 x 8 x 17.5 cm (LxDxH).

    Product Includes:

    • 1 policeman,
    • 1 villain;
    • 1 police robot,
    • 1 helmet with visor,
    • 1 helmet with headlamp,
    • 1 warning sign 'Danger of explosion',
    • 2 sticks of dynamite,
    • 1 explosive bottle,
    • 1 accelerant;
    • 1 pair of gloves,
    • 1 single glove

    Suitable for Children aged 4+