Playmobil Country Farm with Small Animals

Type: Playmobil


Early in the morning the farmers day begins. Everyone helps to take good care of the animals and the farm.
First, they go to the barn, where the cow and calf are already waiting for fresh feed. Of course, there is also some hay for the sheep and then the stable is mucked out. For the mice this is too much hustle and bustle and they quickly scurry behind a straw sack.
Outside, geese and chicks are already scratching and looking forward to tasty grains. In the afternoon, the farmer's wife drives out to the field with the tractor to collect the hay. Back at the barn, she lowers the loading shovel and carefully drops the bale of hay onto the freight lift.
The farmer has already prepared everything and opened the gates of the hay loft and now pulls the hay bale up.
In the evening, the tractor is driven into the barn, where it is safely parked until the next use.

Product Features

  • With many small animals and accessories.
  • With the help of the tractor and goods lift, supplies can easily be transported around the farm.
  • Dimensions building: 18 x 28 x 27cm (LxDxH)
  • Dimensions tractor: 26 x 10 x 10cm (LxDxH)

    Product includes

    • Figures: 1 farmer, 1 farmer's wife, 1 girl;
    • animals: 6 birds, 1 bird in nest, 2 geese, 6 chicks, 2 mice, 4 pigeons, 2 chickens,
    • 1 dog, 1 sheep, 1 lamb, 1 cow, 1 calf;
    • Accessories: 1 farm building, 1 tractor, 2 feeding troughs, 1 potato basket, 2 feeding tufts, 4 grass tufts, 3 hay bales, 1 basket, 4 fences, 1 tree,
    • 1 pitchfork, 1 milk bottle, 1 ladder, 1 feed bag, 1 egg carton, 1 trailer hitch,
    • 1 loading platform for tractor

      Suitable for Children aged 4+