Playmobil Country Mobile Farrier

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Riding holidays - this is what many children dream of.
  • There is always so much to experience at the pony farm. Today the mobile farrier is coming. He has just driven up to the farm in his blue pick-up truck.
  • He has everything on the loading area of the spacious truck: anvil, forge, pliers, hammer, file and shovel. He expertly checks the ponies' hooves. There's a lot to do.
  • The farrier lights the fire and prepares everything for shoeing the horses.
  • At the end of the day, all the ponies are equipped with new horseshoes.
  • With vehicle and equipment for forging horseshoes.
  • The embers of the forge can be ignited via a button on the side and goes out automatically after 90 seconds.

Dimensions vehicle: 10.2 x 4.3 x 3.7 in

The playset includes a PLAYMOBIL figure, a pony, a pick-up truck with trailer hitch, a mobile forge with carrying handles, anvil, hammer, tongs with horseshoes, shovel and many other accessories.

    Product includes

    • 1 man, 1 child;
    • 1 pony;
    • 1 pick up, 1 saddle block, 1 forge, 1 anvil, 1 saddle blanket, 1 grooming box,
    • 1 riding helmet, 1 curry comb, 1 brush, 1 horse shoe tongs, 2 files, 2 hammers,
    • 1 bucket, 1 shovel, 1 broom

      Suitable for Children aged 4+ 

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