Playmobil Funpark Flat Bed Truck

Type: Playmobil


Help Rico transport heavy loads! The clever pirate is just driving up the large low-loader with the container and now the task is to unload the heavy freight carefully. The container on the loading area of ​​the low-loader contains a complete set of surf shop equipment including a sales counter, shelves and snorkelling equipment.

Pirate Rico slowly drives up the low-loader, folds down the ramps and then the container is carefully unloaded, after all, nothing should break. But of course, that's no problem for Rico!

  • The toy set contains two PLAYMOBIL figures, a low-loader with a container, a sales facility with a counter and surfing equipment and many other extras for exciting role-playing games.
  • The container can be fixed on the loading area with the tension belts. The driver's cab of the low-loader can be folded forward and the roof is removable.

Product Includes

  • 1 pirate Rico, 1 woman;
  • 1 low loader, 1 container, 1 sales counter, 1 surfboard,
  • 5 diving goggles with snorkel, 3 pairs of fins for adults, 2 pairs of children's fins,
  • 1 pair of bathing shoes, 1 laptop, 1 sales screen with hooks,
  • 1 headscarf, 1 book, 2 pairs of water wings , 1 radio, 2 straps;

                            Suitable for Children aged:  4+