Playmobil Knights of Novelmore Burnham Raiders Castle Fortress

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Product Description

With castle gate, fire cannons, fireball drop and dragon cage. The castle has another entrance in the fire mountain.

  • This impressive fortress is home to the rebellious Burnham Raiders.
  • The castle towers proudly over the volcanic rock of fire.
  • The fire cannons and mighty castle gate sparkle in the evening sun and the dragon snarls dangerously out of its cage.
  • If intruders attempt to conquer the castle, they are fired upon by the Raiders with glowing fireballs.

The cunning Burnham Raiders are a group of bandits and outlaws who fear nothing and no one. Her latest object of desire is the magic armour Invincibus, which makes her wearer invincible. By all means, the rebels seek to acquire this armour to spread chaos, conquer new lands, and subdue them with firepower.

The new knight world of PLAYMOBIL surprises with creative weapons, sophisticated defence systems and original characters. The PLAYMOBIL classic in a brilliant new design guarantees fun for many hours.

Product Features

The Burnham Raiders Fortress has numerous defensive functions: fire arrows on both sides, fireballs, a train gate, and a trapdoor into the dungeon.

In Feuerberg there is another entrance to the fortress. and a trapdoor into the dungeon.

The play set includes the Novelmore characters leader Bayron Burnham and his son Brody, blacksmith Sulfur and the devilish knight Lucifex.

Product Includes

  • 4 figures Animals: 1 horse, 1 dragon
  • 3 protection shields,
  • 2 swords,
  • 3 knives,
  • 1 hammer,
  • 1 treasure chest with gems,
  • 4 arrows,
  • tools,
  • 1 ladder,
  • 3 fire flames,
  • 2 flags,
  • 1 throne,
  • 1 piece of castle wall,
  • 1 bucket with lava,
  • 1 fire sceptre,
  • 6 flints,
  • 2 flag holders,
  • 2 rocks,
  • 1 torch

Suitable for Children aged 8+

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