Playmobil Starter Pack Stunt Show

Type: Playmobil


The perfect introduction to the PLAYMOBIL worlds! The pull-back motor helps the quad jump over the dangerous fire ramp. The roll cage ensures the driver's safety after each jump.

Pure adrenaline at the PLAYMOBIL stunt show!
  • This stunt driver has gasoline in his blood. Courageously he steers his quad towards the burning ramp. The spectators hold their breath.
  • The quad leaves the ramp, rolls over and lands safely on its tires again. The driver casually waves from the vehicle. There is wild applause!
  • The quad has a pull-back motor. 
  • Playmobil Starter Packs are an ideal introduction to the big colourful PLAYMOBIL world.
  • The set includes a quad bike with fire ramp, two figures and extras, is quickly assembled and ready to play immediately. 

Product Includes

  • 1 man;
  • 1 ramp,
  • 1 quad,
  • 2 gloves,
  • 1 helmet,
  • 2 flame barrels

      Suitable for Children aged 4+