Playmobil T-Rex Attack

Type: Playmobil


The researcher on the quad is on the run from the attacking T-Rex and Deinonychus.

The dinosaur explorer is just driving his quad bike through the wilderness, when the hungry T-Rex catches sight of him and rushes toward him.
Quickly away now, otherwise it will be uncomfortable!
Deinonychus also prefers to make a run for it. After all, an angry T-Rex is not to be trifled with.
  • A detailed dinosaur playset for exciting play adventures.
  • Items are fixed to the shelf of the quad with the silicone fastening strap.
  • The dinosaur figures can tilt their heads up and down, open their lower jaws, and move their arms and legs individually

Set includes:

  • a PLAYMOBIL dinosaur explorer with an anesthetic gun and photo camera, +
  • a T-Rex and a Deinonychus,
  •  a quad bike and a rock. 

                                  Suitable for Children aged:  4+