Polly Pocket Horse Friends Playset with 2 Dolls

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by Mattel


Mattel Polly Pocket horse friends play set Polly and Lila have a lot of fun with their fabulous horses. Their two four-legged friends have their own pen, where they can run about to their hearts content.

This is the ideal place for small horse fans, as they can help Polly and Lila with feeding, cleaning and care. Afterwards, we go to the stables, as Polly and Lila now go for a horse ride.

With Polly and Lila snazzy riding outfit, with horse feed, and other accessories.

The pen fences are also part of the set.

Product Details


  • 2 dolls,
  • 1 horse and
  • 1 pony as well as great accessories for horse care.

Suitable for Children aged 4+