Present Pets - Sparkle Princess

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All-new breeds of Present Pets have arrived! Present Pets are the only girls gifts that unbox themselves. Waiting inside each Princess Pup themed box is an adorable interactive Yorkie puppy just for you. She is so excited to meet you, she paws her way out of her own gift box! With one of two possible Princess Pups available in every box, you won’t know which Present Pets puppy you’re getting until she unboxes herself.

To start the big reveal, unwrap the box’s outer layer and pull the gift tag.

The box will start to shake as your regal pup eagerly paws her way out! The front panel pops open, revealing which Present Pets Princess Pup is inside: Mazie or Cici!

Each Princess Pup features a blingy tiara and collar, gold details on her ears and paws, expressive eyes, and a soft plush body. She’s so cute! When she reveals herself, your pup will sing a special royal unboxing song! Discover your pet’s playful personality as you bond and play together. She loves to cuddle!

Pet her head and she’ll happily give you kisses and sweet coos. Tickle her tummy to get her excited to play! Her tail will wag faster, as she taps and shuffles her paws and lets out the cutest puppy giggle!

Your puppy even recognises when you speak to her! For more fun, each Princess Pup has two themed bark-back games you can play together. In Royal Repeat, speak to your pup and she’ll imitate you in barks! To play Princess Promises, your pup will bark a number of times – bark back the same number of times and win! Featuring over 100 sounds and actions, Present Pets bring to life the true happiness of what it’s like to be surprised with your very own puppy.

Unwrap all of the Present Pets, including Fairy Pups Missy and Blossom (each sold separately) and bring home an unforgettable unboxing experience the whole family will enjoy! Which puppy will you get?

Product Details

  • Your interactive Present Pets pup is so excited to meet you, she paws her way out of her own gift box! Unwrap the box, pull the gift tag and your puppy comes to life!
  • It’s a surprise who’s inside – Mazie or Cici! Each Yorkie Princess Pup has a blingy tiara and collar, gold details on her paws and ears, expressive eyes, and soft fur!
  • With 2 new themed bark-back games, there’s more ways to play with your Princess Pup! She can imitate you in barks in Royal Repeat! To win Princess Promises, bark back to her the same number of times!
  • Discover your new puppy’s playful personality! She gives kisses when cuddled; wags her tail and shuffles her paws when excited; responds to your voice and so much more! 
  •  Includes:

    • 1 Present Pet,
    • 1 Unboxing Guide,
    • 1 Instruction Guide

            Suitable for Children aged: 5+