Rainbow High Deluxe Fashion Closet Playset

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Rainbow High Deluxe Fashion Closet playset includes a rainbow of fashions (doll clothes and doll accessories) that you can mix & match to create 400+ glamorous looks.

  • Enjoy endless fashion play with 31+ fashion pieces including doll dresses, doll pants, doll skirts, doll tops, doll shoes and all the amazing doll accessories, including earrings, belts and purses, for endless mix and match fun. Style your dolls for all their fun events with the fashion forward pieces and accessories. After your doll chooses from her favourite fashion / accessories, she can sit at the vanity in her acrylic chair to admire her outfit in the built-in mirror! Get organised and display.
  • It comes with high-end, clear shoe cases to store your fabulous doll shoes or any of the other doll accessories. And use the hangers to organise all your doll clothes in the closet. Store all your favourite Rainbow High doll clothes and doll accessories in your Rainbow High Deluxe Fashion Closet. Your Fashion Closet even comes with a gold pad lock so you can lock it up for safe keeping.
  • The closet is portable! Close up your Fashion Closet, lock it with a padlock (push button/front medallion to unlock), grab the handle and take it with you anywhere around the house or to play at your friends.

Watch the Animated Series on YouTube & Netflix! Just search for "Rainbow High Dolls.”

    Suitable for children aged: 6+

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