Surprise figure Zuru Mini brands Unicorn

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by Zuru


Unwrap, peel and discover every 5 surprise mystery capsules to find a cheeky member of the Unicorn team. Each unicorn comes with surprise accessories so you can style it and trade accessories with its unicorn squad.

The surprises come with stickers for you to decorate your unicorn and a matching comb so you can prepare the bright tail of your unicorn and have it very cute.

Each unicorn also comes with a mystical magical unicorn compound for you to crush and stretch.

Collect the 13 cheeky squad members, from ballerinas to chewing gum girls to weird golden unicorns.

Product Details:

  • Use her matching comb to comb her shiny tail and make it ready for a day out with the unicorn squad.
  • Styling your accessories and make it totally glamorous or swap interchangeable accessories with all the equipment
  • Combine the thrill of multi-layered play with the most daring unicorns in the game
  • Unpack more surprises like adorable stickers and ooey gooey Unicorn Poop!

Suitable for children aged: 3+

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