Tetris Shake

Type: Kids Games

The Stacking, Shaking, Strategy Game. Can you beat the Shake? Be the first player to stack all of your Tetrimino pieces to win ...but watch out for the SHAKE! Any pieces that fall down on your side will have to be played again.

The ultimate stacking, strategy game

For 2 players

How to play:

ğŸŽ® Pass out the Tetriminos and make sure each player has the same amount.
ğŸŽ® Roll the dice and stack the Tetrimino shown.
ğŸŽ® Watch out for when the unit quakes and shakes.
ğŸŽ® You must replay any Tetriminos which fall onto your side.
ğŸŽ® The first player to stack all their Tetriminos wins!

For Ages 6+

Includes: vibrating base unit, 10 x Tetriminos (Tetris game pieces), dice and instructions

*Requires 2 x AAA batteries (not included)