Thomas & Friends Close Call Cliff Set

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by Mattel
Type: Trains


Watch out, Thomas – there’s a cliff up ahead! But it’s too late to turn back now.

The No. 1 blue engine needs to perform a daring manoeuvre, or he’ll topple off the ledge.

Thomas is living on the edge as he summons all his courage and control to complete an exciting hairpin turn.


As Thomas makes his way around the cliffside, he’ll knock over the boulders to reveal fun surprises underneath.

When he hits the rocks and they topple over, they’ll expose a coiled snake, cool dinosaur fossils, and some explosive mining equipment.

Plus, the boulders are attached to the ledge, so after they’ve been knocked down, they can flip right back into place for Thomas’ next journey around the Close Call Cliff.

  • Complete track layout with motorised Thomas and elevated cliffside turnaround
  • Thomas climbs to the elevated cliff, then completes a sharp, 360 degrees turn before heading back to the track below
  • As Thomas turns on the cliffside, he knocks over boulders to reveal cool discoveries
  • Full track layout features additional loop at the bottom and track switches to control Thomas’ direction
  • Connect to other TrackMaster train sets, expansion packs, and track packs to expand your motorised railway

        Suitable for Children aged 3+