VIP PETS Heart Pack Mini Fans

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There are no VIPs without fans: VIP Pets Mini Fans are the craziest supporters of our VIP Pets!

  • Everyone has their favourite VIP. The mini fans are made up of 6 different teams.
  • Each team has 2 characters, for a total of 12 mini puppies.
  • COCO, the fan club president is our SPECIAL character for a total of 13 characters to collect! As in the series, like their idols, they share a strong passion for hair !!
  • Like their heroines, the mini puppies have EXTRA LONG hair; about 8 inches. Imagine and create tons of hairstyles and styles with the different accessories included. The Mini Fans come in surprise heart-shaped capsules. Immerse them in the water to discover your character.
  • Watch the capsule open, releasing a trail of light.

        Suitable for Children aged: 3+