VTech Toot-Toot Drivers Cargo Plane



Playtime with miles of fun learning!

This chunky interactive cargo plane includes a cute SmartPoint aeroplane passenger! Features three manipulative passenger gears, sliding letter and chunky face button that makes a cute beep-beep sound when pressed. Also includes a fold down door and the plane’s front folds down to create a fun ‘flying’ ramp.

Features 2 SmartPoint recognition sensors that play phrases and sounds when triggered if driven over by the aeroplane or other Toot-Toot Drivers SmartPoint vehicles.

  • Encourages motor skill development and imaginative play.
  • Compatible with other Toot-Toot Drivers playsets.
  • Small aeroplane includes 3 sing-along songs and 6 melodies.
Suitable for Children aged 1+