ArtCraft Kinetic Sand - Castle and Walls



This fantastic product was created to inspire creativity and imagination in your little ones. ArtCraft Kinetic Sand - Castle and Walls Set is a great choice for kids who love to shape, create and discover new shapes and models.

  • In the package you will receive 750 grams of premium ArtCraft kinetic sand, known for its unique texture that allows countless hours of fun.
  • Kinetic sand is easy to shape and at the same time does not stick to the hands, making the game clean and carefree.

In addition to sand, this set also includes specially designed molds for making a castle. With them, your child will be able to create entire medieval fortresses, with walls, towers and gates. These molds are durable, easy to use, and ideal for little hands.

Whether playing alone or with friends, with ArtCraft Kinetic Sand - Castle and Walls, your little ones will spend hours enjoying creative play, developing skills, and creating unforgettable memories.

Weight of sand: 750g

Suitable for children aged: 3years+