Baby Annabell Big Annabell 54 cm

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Type: Dolls


Introducing Baby Annabell Big Annabell for more realistic roleplay!

Big Annabell's body measures 54cm. The softly stuffed body doll is the perfect little friend to cuddle, comfort and play with. The life-size doll girl is particularly light and can easily be taken anywhere.

An even bigger version of the UK’s number one nurturing doll, Baby Annabell Big Annabell inspires wonderful parent-child roleplay and helps develop little ones’ sense of responsibility and encourage traits like kindness and nurturing.

  • She has a soft-filled body and is just perfect for lots of cuddles, comforting and nurturing play!
  • Baby Annabell Big Annabell is so sweet in her adorable dungarees and long-sleeved top – and she comes with a hat to keep her head cosy and a little bottle for feeding time. Plus, lay her down and she closes her eyes to go to sleep!
  • Doll size: 54 cm

     Suitable for Children aged 3+