Barbie Art Studio Doll Playset

by Barbie
Type: Dolls


Kids will learn to relax while pottering and painting! Start by removing the Barbie play dough from the bowl and shaping it into a ball. Place the play dough in the vase mold. Print and prepare your new creation. Place the vase on the platform and choose a stamp (hearts or stars). Shape the playdough by turning the platform, and when you're done, place your creation on the shelf. Dip the sponge brush in "cold water" and paint the pieces in white to create your masterpiece: put blue spots on the little pig's back, place pink hearts on the heart-shaped plate, paint the teddy's eyes purple.

Put your works on the shelf and display them with pleasure! Kids can get creative by playing with play dough over and over

Suitable for Children aged 3+

Playset includes a Barbie doll, an easel, 2 paintings, chairs, 4 painting buckets, 2 Barbie playdough cups, 3 decorating tools, 1 sponge brush, 1 painter's palette, 3 one color change exhibit piece, and 7 additional exhibits and storytelling pieces.