Barbie Extra Minis Doll

by Barbie
Type: Dolls


Meet the most EXTRA small dolls: the Barbie Extra Minis.

They're just like the over-the-top Barbie Extra dolls - but miniaturized!

  • Posable and playful in looks made to slay, these 5.5-inch dolls are mini with oversized personalities and aesthetics.
  • Each doll comes with extra-long rooted hair, playful fashions and over-the-top accessories.

Minified with extra vibes, these small dolls make a BIG statement. Can you say oh-my-MINI? 

Product Details

Each Barbie Extra Minis doll has its own unique EXTRA style and personality! They have very long hair and modern looks that catch everyone's eye. With flexible elbows and knees, BarbieExtra Minis are ready to take on incredible poses!

  • They include a doll base so that children can make their own "exhibition" with their Barbie Extra Minis collection!
  • Barbie Extra Minis dolls inspire children to express their personality and are an ideal gift for children, especially those who also have ... extra style!

Suitable for Children aged: 3+

This product is an assortment, a random doll will be sent according to the availability at the shop