Barbie Sparkle Mask Day Spa Playset

by Barbie
Type: Dolls


Spend a Barbie day at the spa with the Sparkle Mask Spa Day assortment.

Kids can learn the rituals of pampering and relaxation with this playset featuring a blonde doll.

  • The playset comes with a Barbie doll with movable joints, a puppy figure and more than 15 storytelling pieces to recreate a relaxing facial experience.
  • Kids will have 4 colourful, translucent glittery face masks and 3 animal themed eye masks to choose from, for a total of 7 masks!

As soon as playtime is over, they can place the face masks into Barbie themed resealable bags (just like at home!) for repeat play and easily store them in the vanity area.

Product Features

To start, kids can place her pet puppy and Barbie doll in their seats, the salon chair really reclines.

  • Then use the included marker to create blemishes on the doll's face.
  • Three bowls fit on a rotating station and can hold the three different colours of dough included with the playset.
  • Kids select a colour, scoop out a small piece, then place into one of two moulds;
  • There's one each for Barbie doll and her puppy for easy repeat play.
  • Remove a mask from the mould and press onto the doll or puppy figure's face.
  • After a moment, remove the mask, wipe the doll's face with the towel and the blemishes have disappeared . What a healthy glow!

Product Includes

  • Barbie doll (29cm)
  • sink and mirror,
  • reclining chair,
  • towel,
  • 4 face masks,
  • 4 resealable bags,
  • 3 animal themed eye masks,
  • a lotion bottle,
  • slippers and headband.

      Suitable for Children aged: 3+