Bayer Doctor Set with Doll

by Bayer


Sweet 38cm Doctor doll with medical Kit containing realistic needle for injections, thermometer, stethoscope and bottle.

If you put the bottle to the dolls mouth, it makes drinking sounds and a burp.

If you press the left hand, the doll makes baby sounds like Mama, Papa, HaHaHa and uaaah and if you press on the tummy.

When the right hand is pressed, the both cheeks glow and the doll starts to cry.

  • The glowing stops after 15 seconds or by giving an injection.
  • By pressing the right hand, the doll makes sleeping sounds for 12 seconds and laughs afterwards, or you can make the sleeping sounds stop by waving in front of the doll;
  • The doll will then laughs and make kissing sounds.
  • When putting the stethoscope to its heart, a heart beeping sound can be heard.
  • This is lots of fun for the small girls. 
        Suitable for Children aged: 2yrs+