Bruder CAT bulldozer

by Bruder


Bruder CAT bulldozer Loosening rake can be put down. The plough blade is height-adjustable and can be raised/lowered and locked in position. Crawler tracks for comfortable locomotion

BRUDER 2422 - Bulldozer CATERPILLAR is a very nice model of bulldozer, which is functional - it has moving belts, composed of individual flexible parts, a massive front share and a rear cultivator. The blade can be tilted and moved up and down, there are sliding diggers at the back. The toy is also suitable for sand.

The bulldozer was made in a scale of 1:16  to a real bulldozer as a faithful plastic copy. It is a very high-quality processing of the German company BRUDER down to the smallest details, made in Germany  from high-quality ABS plastic, flexible plastic with a glossy surface, precisely without any burrs or overflows.

Specifications of Bruder CAT bulldozer:
- dimensions: 40 x 18 x 19.5cm

Suitable for children aged 3+