Bruder sweeper

by Bruder


Street cleaning is an indispensable helper for every city administration. No other vehicle provides clean streets and sidewalks as effectively as the MAN TGS

Product Details

The new street cleaning from BRUDER shows the functionality of this car in great detail.

The sweeper body has 2 rotating and adjustable cleaning brushes that can be adjusted in height. This means that they can get into hard-to-reach places.

    • To clean the surfaces, a long brush is mounted under the vehicle, which is driven while driving.
    • At the back is a flexible hose with a suction line to catch a large amount of dirt.
    • To empty the waste, the waste container can be easily tilted and the rear door opened.
    • Street cleaning can be optionally equipped with a beacon with light and a siren (item no. 2801/2802).

    Driver’s cab:

    • Driver’s cab is made of transparent and high-quality plastic
    • folding exterior mirrors
    • opening doors
    Vehicle body: 
    • Flexible hose with suction pipe and suspension
    • Long brush with drive under the body
    • 2 swivel and height-adjustable round brushes
    • Scale 1:16
    • Dimensions: 51 × 19 × 26.5 cm
    • Suitable for children aged 4+