Clock it!

Type: Board Games

Say, draw or mime…it's a race against time! Place 12 cards around the clock face game board. Start the timer, which shows the card you have to draw, mime or describe to the others players. Race to guess as many cards as possible before the time runs out.

3 playing modes!

For 2 or more players

How to play:

⏲️ Say, mime or draw, it's a race against time.
⏲️ Describe what's on the card without saying the name of it!
⏲️ Put your doodle skills to the test and draw what card the clock lights up
⏲️ Have a go at miming the card the clock lights up to the other players
⏲️ It's a frantic race against the clock to see how many cards you can get before the alarm rings!

Age: 8+
Includes: light up clock, clock board, wipe clean drawing board, pen, 80 game cards and instructions
*Require 3 x AAA batteries (not included)