Disney Lightyear Mission Equipped Figures

by Mattel


Discover Disney Pixar Lightyear. Trapped on an uncharted planet, Buzz Lightyear and his associates will have to fight off hostile plants, giant bugs and the ultimate threat, Zorg, to complete their mission and return home.

A collection of figures of key characters from the film, with mechanics movements and accessories for adventurous game.

Designed on a scale of 12 cm, their size makes the narrative realistic.

Each figure has 10 flexible points and authentic details and is accompanied by a launcher or other accessory, inspired by the film.

Other characters and vehicles are also available on this scale, so fans can recreate the excitement of battle, flight and exploring the film.


Relive the excitement of space exploration, conflict and teamwork in Disney and Pixar's Lightyear, with the authentically detailed , Zyclops figure with mechanical actions and accessories inspired by the movie.

  • Equip the arm blaster with the attached projectile and press the button to launch a missile attack!
  • For more movie-related action, press the middle of Zyclops' chest to eject 2 'teleportation discs.' Where will the Zyclops reappear?
  • Recreate the action from the Buzz Lightyear back story or create a dramatic Lightyear display with the 8-inch tall Zyclops with 12 movable joints. It's ready to explore, battle or pose.

Mission Equipped Buzz Lightyear

  • Relive the excitement of Disney Pixar's Lightyear, with this authentically designed 11.6-inch Space Ranger Alpha Buzz with multiple battle-ready accessories!
  • Buzz can take on giant bugs, toxic plants or evil robots with a shoulder-balanced MR-800M Rocket Launcher with projectile, a swashbuckling laser blade, a handheld blaster and an arm-strapped laser
  • Even small hands can use this figure to recreate dynamic scenes and signature moves with 12 posable joints and authentic design details

Suitable for Children aged 4+

This product comes as an assortment, if we don't have the chosen character available we will call you with the available characters we have at our toyshop.