Fisher Price 4-in-1 Mobile



The Fisher-Price DeLuxe Mobile "4-in-1 Rainforest Animal Lovers" is one of the most innovative and multifunctional mobiles on the market. It soothes and entertains your baby in the cot or on the floor as an activity toy. Soft, spinning animal lovers promote your baby's visual perception and his ability to track things with his eyes.

Two 20-minute music settings stimulate the sense of hearing and promote the ability to listen. If your baby nudges the rotating ball, he activates music and movement and is thus introduced to the principle of cause and effect.

Playing in the prone position encourages your baby to spin or stand up and explore the toy. Your baby's upper body will be strengthened, and his motor skills promoted. The mobile and the long-playing time of the children's bed music box provide security and a calming atmosphere and support the recurring bedtime ritual.

Product Features

  • up to 20 minutes of quiet music for bedtime
  • up to 20 minutes of cheerful music for playtime
  • Music and movement can be switched on separately
  • with volume control
  • FUNCTION 1: Mobile for cot
  • FUNCTION 2: Floor Mobile
  • FUNCTION 3: Children's bed music box
  • FUNCTION 4: Floor Toys

          Suitable for Children from birth