Guess in 10 Underwater Animals



Get ready to play the most exciting game of questions!

Ask up to 10 questions to guess the place on the card.

  • Think hard, ask intelligent questions, use your clue cards wisely & be the first person to win 7 game cards!
  • QUICK GAME OF SMART QUESTIONS - Divide yourselves up in teams, or play one on one, ask up to 10 questions to guess the underwater animal on the Game Card!! Is the animal a mammal? Does it have a shell? Can you be the first player to win 7 Game Cards?
  • STRATEGIZE YOUR WAY TO VICTORY - Make use of exciting features such as Clue Cards and Bonus Questions to plan your way to winning 7 cards

Product Includes

  • 50 Game Cards, 6 Clue Cards and a handy box to store it all.
  • The box size is portable & travel friendly. Your child can become an instant champion by playing at game nights, gatherings, birthday parties, play dates, road trips, plane trips, outdoors and more
This trivia game can be played with 2 to 6 players.
The average playtime is 20 minutes

            Suitable for Children aged 8+