Intex Prism Rectangular Frame Pool (4.88m x 2.44m x 1.07m) 26792

by Intex
Type: Pools


The Prism Frame rectangular pool is designed to fit any garden. The pools are built to provide extra swimming space and will hold more pool water than the traditional round frame pools. This allows swimmers to appreciate the maximised swimming area.

With a sophisticated look, the Intex Prism Frame pools will provide families with endless fun with a taste of luxury at an affordable price

  • All pools series Prism Frame have a reinforced frame. Prefabricated frame pool Intex series Prism Frame rectangular shape with filter pump and ladder.
  • Patented SUPER-TOUGH provides reliability and durability of the basin.
  • Wall basin is made of three separate extra strong layers: two layer thick vinyl and one polyester for extreme durability.
  • Keeping shape basin Prism Frame Pool contributes to the tape is made of polypropylene, all the pool.
  • Strength of the Prism Frame Pool is due to its steel frame, through which the pool can withstand large load, it can simultaneously swim a few.
  • The assembly process basin to filling water takes 40-60 minutes 

Product Features 

  • Measurements 488cm x 244cm x 107cm.
  • Overall Height: 42in (107cm).
  • Size with outrigger legs: 17ft 8in x 9ft 9in (540 x 298cm). 
  • Water capacity at 90% full : 1,806 gallons (6,836 litres). 

Product Includes:

  • 530 gallon Filter Pump
  • Installation guide
  • Safety Ladder